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Five cannabis products to help get you through PMS.

When it comes time for your monthly uterine massacre, you bet Mary
Jane has your back-and anywhere else that aches whilst surfing the
crimson wave. Here are the cannabis products that my co-workers and
partner can thank for not being murdered by me once every three weeks.

1 Arthritis balm from Cannalife Botanicals

Ever heard of our bodies' endocannabinoid system? It regulates mood,
memory, appetite, pain and inflammation, while co-piloting the immune,
reproductive, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. The
100-plus chemical compounds cannabis is made up of (like psychoactive
THC, and CBD which helps with pain) fit into different endocannabinoid
system cell receptors like brokenhearted BFF lockets.

When using medicated topicals, THC compounds bind to CB2, a receptor
bundle that deals with analgesic matters. THC from topicals doesn't
cross into your bloodstream- and therefore doesn't get you high-but it
stimulates the CB2 receptors for localized pain relief.

I'm obsessed with every lab-tested product I've tried from Vancouver's
Cannalife Botanicals. They use "local, organic and consciously sourced
ingredients" and I assume Skyrimlevel master alchemy, blending infused
cannabis oils with the perfect assortment of essential oils. The
arthritis balm is a multitasker. Sativa, comfrey and nettle provides
immediate heat-activated relief from cramps and bloating. Lemongrass
and ginger essential oils aid digest and also soothe muscle pain. And
hormone-balancing cedarwood, an emmenagogue that can help regulate
menstrual cycles, rounds out this heaven-sent product. Their 70ml
stick (194mg THC) should last multiple cycles.

2 Bath salts from Cannalife Botanicals

Not joking about being obsessed! Day Three of my cycle is the
w-o-r-s-t, and Cannalife's medicated bath salts upped my bathtime
ritual tenfold. My favourite type is Elevate, which includes
refreshing and anti-inflammatory eucalyptus to clear headaches and
reduce cramps. Its stimulating, decongestant properties are also known
to calm irritability. Geranium oil influences the release of adrenal
hormones, therefore reducing fluctuations in hormone levels, therefore
you don't inexplicably cry yourself to sleep thinking about the series
finale of Buffy, or whatever. Uplifting bergamot oil aids in
maintaining the body's metabolic rate, which means less moodiness!

There are also flavonoids present in bergamot that reduce anxiety and
stress, so sign me TF up. If you're a bath-hater, use the salts as a
scrub on your lower back, abdomen, hips and thighs, and follow up with
your painrelieving balm.

3 Hash

Ahhhh, sweet hashish. A collection of marijuana trichomes containing
large concentrations of THC, cannabinoids and terpenes pressed into a
cohesive mass, it's the very essence of MJ. The effects of smoking my
fave type, Afghani Romeo&Juliet, envelops the body like a hot water
bottle hug and tastes like a deep caramel treat.

My toughest pal Lillian describes her intense menses as "an
all-encompassing pressure of pelvic pain." She has sworn by hash
cyclically for years as "the only thing" that cuts through her pain
without sacrificing mental clarity: "It's rooted in your body and lets
your mind carry on with its business uninterrupted."

4 CBD capsules (or suckers!)

There are certain endocannabinoid receptors in our body that match up
exclusively with CBD, which doesn't get you stoned in its pure form.
When my uterus becomes its monthly balloon full of cement and shoves
all my other organs around, taking up to four CBD capsules a day has
completely replaced my need for stomach-wall-eroding Naproxen. I'm
also a fan of HempMed's CBD Lollipop. At 100mg a stick it's a sweet,
strong way to get your meds.

5 Get high

Grab your favourite strain-shatter, edible, whatever. Refer to the
Halijuana archives at for reviews of some of my faves!
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