Pubdate: Wed, 25 Oct 2017
Source: Daily Courier, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2017 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Monik Robichaud
Page: A7


Editor: I am one of the 700 medical patients that is being affected by 
West Kelowna city council. I am told that I am like most of the other 
clients that happily visit the Black Crow Herbals weekly for my medication.

I am older (57) and need help in maintaining my health due to chronic
back pain (since 2004), constant nausea, etc.

Three years ago, my doctor sadly told me that he could not continue
providing prescriptions for percocet to help me with my constant pain,
since narcotics were being abused throughout the country.

A few fish in the barrel spoiled the entire barrel for the regular
folk who took their meds, didn't abuse their meds and didn't sell
their meds on the street for a few extra dollars in their pocket. This
was devastating to me at that time, and luckily Black Crow Herbals
opened, and I had alternative medicine to help me cope with day-to-day

The staff there are knowledgeable and caring, and know me by my first
name, welcoming me into their store.

Three years ago, council met with the owners of Black Crow, and were
told exactly what they were providing to the public. A licence was
issued, and all went well.

Three years later, council says it's "illegal," and wants $500 per day
from Black Crow for operating without a licence.

The public should be intelligent enough to know that this is simply a
cash-grabbing opportunity on their part, and nothing more, and I find
this deplorable and disgusting and beneath the morals of the average

Every day, I read articles about B.C. overdoses and people wringing
their hands about getting rid of fentanyl-laced drugs that are causing
skyrocketing deaths across our province.

Black Crow Herbals is an excellent solution for those who do not want
to buy these products off the street by an unknown dealer. No worries
about the quality, and the majority of the products are bought in B.C.
Even the honey comes from Vernon.

Stop your blatant hypocrisy now, West Kelowna council. If you feel you
have to fine Black Crow Herbals, drop the fine to $50 per day, as a
mere token. Legalization is just around the corner, so knock it off
with this rubbish and let 700 medical patients go on surviving, thanks
to Black Crow Herbals.

Monik Robichaud, West Kelowna
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