Pubdate: Mon, 23 Oct 2017
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Neron is asking Town of Moonstone to amend its licensing bylaw to
allow sale of marijuana.

MOONSTONE - A long-time user and advocate of medical marijuana has
revealed plans to open a dispensary in his home town of Moonbeam.

"I am asking the town to make an amendment to their business licence
bylaw to include marijuana dispensary so I can function legally," said
Robert Neron, who intends to make a presentation to Moonbeam council
on Nov. 6.

A number of cities across Canada already allow medical marijuana
dispensaries to operate through municipal licensing agreements. Most
of the medical marijuana dispensaries currently operating in Canada
are located in British Columbia.

In advance of his formal request, Neron has provided the Town of
Moonbeam with the business bylaw amendment that was approved by the
City of Port Alberni in January 2016.

Neron told The Daily Press he is asking Moonbeam to adopt the same

The Port Alberni bylaw bars anyone under the age of 19 from entering
the business property, it prohibits the smoking or consumption of
marijuana within the premises, and calls for enhanced security
measures including multiple cameras for video surveillance.

Neron said town officials haven't indicated to how it intends to
proceed, though he feels it shouldn't be a complicated issue.

"We're just adding one subject to the business licence bylaw. That's
all it is," he said. "It's like adding plumbers to the bylaw. How
complicated can that be? Not very complicated. Just a few rules …
where to do it, how to do it, if you're allowed to have signage or
not, what age (of clientele), what times to operate, and stuff like
that. If you don't follow the rules, there are certain fines.

"It's just like outlining the rules of any other business."

If town council approves the bylaw amendment, Neron said, "I will be
able to open a legal marijuana dispensary on my property here. We're
hopeful by spring 2018, we will be fully operational."

It would operate under the name Willy-Jack Brand Marijuana

Neron hopes the business can transition to a serve a broader clientele
once the federal Liberals proceed to legalize marijuana for
recreational use - as the government has stated it will by July 2018.

Until then, anyone coming in off the street asking to purchase
marijuana from Neron would have to provide medical

"Our first question would be, 'Where is your medical paper, do you
have any proof of any medical condition, or do you have any support
from your doctor?' And if you don't, then you don't have any business
at my business, until legalization."

Asked about the anticipated demands for his product, Neron replied,
"To be able to buy it in person, you'd be surprised how far people
would come to buy.

"I'm not limiting my sales to only in person. If you have medical
papers, and we're able to confirm all of this via telephone, you'll
then be able to order online as well. It's the same as the other
dispensaries out there.

"As long as we are able to double check your information that you
really have an illness and that you do have a doctor who supports this
(method of treatment), you'll be able to order from anywhere you are
in Canada."

The Daily Press reached out to the Town of Moonbeam to comment on
Neron's request. A message was left with clerk-treasurer Carole
Gendron who The Daily Press was told was in a meeting with the mayor.
The call was not returned.
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