Pubdate: Thu, 05 Oct 2017
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
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Author: Kevin Maimann
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Albertans get first look at pot plan

Albertans will be able to toke up in public when marijuana is
legalized across Canada next summer, as long as they're not around

The province released its Draft Cannabis Framework on Wednesday
morning, confirming people will be allowed to smoke in public but not
in playgrounds, spray parks, zoos, hospitals, school grounds or other
places frequented by children.

By contrast, Ontario announced last month it will not allow public
consumption when the drug is legalized for recreational use on July 1,

"To prohibit public consumption, particularly in light of nosmoking
rules in apartment buildings and in condos, would essentially prohibit
use by a huge portion of the population - so we would be indirectly
sort of circumventing the policy itself," Justice Minister Kathleen
Ganley said.

Alberta's legal age to purchase marijuana will be 18, in line with

Possession will be limited to 30 grams in public, but there will be no
limit on how much a person can have at home.

As far as growing, the province is sticking with the federal limit of
four plants per household but stipulates that they must be grown indoors.

Ganley hopes provinces get the lion's share of whatever federal taxes
are added to cannabis sales - she said provincial governments will
bear the brunt of the costs for implementing legalization - though she
said prices should stay comparable to what people can access on the
black market.

"In order to ensure that we move as many people as possible from the
illegal to the legal market, we can't set the tax rate too high," she

The verdict is still out on how and where cannabis will be sold in

Ganley said cafes and lounges where the drug can be consumed will not
be part of the initial roll-out, as the province is still waiting for
the federal government to establish regulations around edibles.
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