Pubdate: Thu, 05 Oct 2017
Source: Port Colborne Leader (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 Metroland
Author: Grant Fairchild


Re. Why not legalize everything?, Letter, Sept. 23:

I am a "senior" in my fifth decade who is offended deeply by this
letter. Marijuana was purely and simply outlawed in the 1930s by Harry
J. Anslinger merely because of corporate pressure for what scientists
could manufacture in a lab to soar profits.

Is the writer even aware of the many medical benefits of CBDs or the
many societal uses of hemp, the non-psychoactive parts of marijuana
(hint: these are the very reasons it was outlawed in the first place).

I have suffered 35 years of severe chronic pain, my entire adult life,
the last 10 of which I have legally used "medical marijuana" in place
of all my previous legal avenues of relief. I haven't gotten "high" in
decades. I am curious, what does the writer, who has never used an
"illicit" drug in his life, consider illicit, only illegal substances?

I, on the other hand, have progressed through alcoholism and conquered
it after 35 years, conquered an opioid addiction of 30 years, as well
as cigarettes (40 years), so yes, I can legally and morally attest to
all of the effects these substances have on a human body. The writer

That outdated attitude is ridiculous, naive and insulting.

The fatalities, misery and turmoil caused by drunk or inebriated
opioid driving are astronomical. Cigarettes have killed millions
worldwide. Marijuana has done no medical damage; in fact it has been
responsible for the opposite.

How ignorant and naive can anyone be who has never attested to any
"illicit" substance, while experts like myself have to wake people up
to truths.

Grant Fairchild, Port Colborne
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