Pubdate: Wed, 27 Sep 2017
Source: Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 Sun Media
Author: Larry Comeau
Page: A4


Re: "Chiefs on high alert as pot legalization looms," Sept. 26.

With no simply roadside test for impairment by pot inhalation
available and a certainty of more impaired drivers on our highways
leading to more road deaths, police chiefs have every right to be
concerned. Then we have to factor in the idea that, in Ontario,
everyone can grow four marijuana plants, have no more than 30 ounces
on their person, only smoke the drug in their residence and that
nobody under 19 can legally possess pot. This means from a policing
perspective, enforcement is much more complicated than when the drug
was illegal. Then with its resources already stretched, the police
will have to investigate the illicit distribution of pot by organized
crime, which will become involved just as it has in Colorado and
Washington states. Liberal politicians simply refuse to accept that
organized crime will be a major problem once pot become legal, no
matter what they sell the drug for!

Really compounding things for the police, other front-line agencies
and our overworked health-care system, which is already trying to cope
with the opioid crises sweeping our nation, is the timing of adding
legalized pot could not be worse. There will be many unforeseen
consequences of increased pot use, especially from a health
standpoint. Trudeau never really addresses anything but the positives
with his dangerous plan.

My big question is why the chiefs of police did not raise their alarm
bells when Prime Minister Trudeau first floated the legalization
message, as a vote- and revenue-getting scheme? I am afraid now their
concerns will fall on deaf ears, as both the Trudeau and provincial
governments are eagerly waiting huge windfalls.

Larry Comeau

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