Pubdate: Sat, 16 Sep 2017
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 The Toronto Star
Author: Colin Whitworth
Page: IN 11


Although I would prefer a wider storefront distribution scheme that
includes private dispensaries, I am OK with the government's initial
plan for marijuana distribution. The coverage of the announcement
mostly glosses over an important point: Online sales will be
immediate, as soon as it is legalized.

Online shopping is old hat to most people and buying marijuana online
is easy. Existing sites that cater to medical marijuana smokers
categorize marijuana by the ways you consume it, and then by strains,
usually with detailed descriptions of the effects and potency. Most
sites include helpful user reviews.

Ordering online also offers discretion and will give a needed boost to
Canada Post. But the big benefit of online sales is that it makes
marijuana available everywhere, not just where the province decides to
open a dispensary.

Colin Whitworth, Toronto
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