Pubdate: Thu, 14 Sep 2017
Source: Coast, The (CN NS)
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Author: Lindsay H.
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I don't really know where to go with this other than The Coast, since
you appreciate input from us random faces in the crowds, and it shows.
I recently stumbled across this article on the Metro chain's Halifax
website: "Woman high on weed in wreck that killed grandkids." That is
terrifying news as our country is striving to make marijuana legal, so
I clicked and read briefly into the article-only to realize it was a
poor copy-paste job from an Associated Press story that omitted half
the information.

After just three minutes of digging I found the original article, in
which they list the OTHER 19 CHARGES this woman is facing, including
driving under the influence. They found over 40 pills of oxycodone,
and there were opened liquor containers in her car and smashed on the
road. I am not trying to say that marijuana wasn't a factor, it just
was not the only factor. But where, I ask, is that mentioned in the
Metro article?

There has to be something done against people who are making
deliberate decisions to leave things out of our news, in order to
change public opinion in ways that may not be favourable to the
progress we are making as a nation. It's infuriating.

Lindsay H., Halifax
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