Pubdate: Mon, 11 Sep 2017
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017, The Belleville Intelligencer
Author: Larry Comeau
Page: B2


(Re: More funding for local opiod antidote program, Sept. 7 edition)

It likely is too late to arrest the growing opioid crises, which will
now have to run its course, leaving death and destruction on its wake.

Preventing deaths by making the antidote to prevent deaths more
readily available is about all that can be done. This likely is the
worse drug addiction crises Canada has ever seen. Opioids are
extremely addictive and many doctors seemingly have been giving them
out willy nilly without fully evaluating the consequences. Once
addicted, users can readily buy them anywhere in Canada.

I have to wonder if the Wynne government sees the need to teach very
young children about sex and its potential negative ramifications, why
not the dangers of drugs, starting with soon to be legalized
marihuana? Considering the impact drug addiction has on our ailing
healthcare system and addition to criminal activities this seems a
no-brainer. Money spent on such a program surely would save lives and
take the burden off our healthcare, social services and policing.

At the same time, doctors should also be educated to use more caution
when prescribing very addictive drugs like opioids. I am afraid when
marihuana is legalized, thereby removing the negative stigma, many
more young people will become involved and we will have more
addictions. We need to stop this by providing the hard, negative facts
about using any dangerous drug to our children at very young ages.

Larry Comeau, Ottawa
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