Pubdate: Fri, 08 Sep 2017
Source: Ottawa Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Andy Abbott
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor
Page: 14


I am so tired of hearing about Liberals picking and choosing what laws
they will abide by or enforce. Pot is illegal. Close the illegal pot
shops down. Heroin is illegal, yet police stood by and watched people
break the law and did nothing.

What happens if somebody dies or nearly dies? I bet they will sue the
city for allowing them to take illegal drugs in an illegal
supervised-injection site.

Occupying a city park is against the law yet there is no bylaw
enforcement. I am a conservative-minded person and I don't condone
this behaviour. I am sure that there are few people who support this
illegal activity.

Go through the proper procedures and get the licences and permits you

There are legal marijuana distributors. There are legal injection
sites. Why did these people have to do it legally and some people
decided they know better than anyone else and decide they are entitled
to break the law?

The people that are doing drugs made a choice to do illegal drugs.
They should have to live with their decision. Rehabilitation yes,
enabling, no.

Somebody helps them do drugs and they get sicker and are more of a
burden on society. There's an opioid crisis and let's help it along.
This is insane.

Andy Abbott Hawkesbury

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(Point taken. The logic is that people will die while they wait for
the legal sites, however, rightly or wrongly.)
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