Pubdate: Wed, 06 Sep 2017
Source: Truro Daily News (CN NS)
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Author: Cody McEachern
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After the RCMP raided three local medicinal marijuana dispensaries
last week, one store has already re-opened.

Maritime Medicinal, one of the three Bible Hill dispensaries, reopened
its Main Street location immediately after officers cleared out Friday

"We were open right after they left," said Ashley Brown of Maritime
Medicinal. "There were some charges laid against an individual who
worked at the store, however, we support medical cannabis and we
decided we would reopen to try and accommodate our patients. We have
patients that require our services."

He also strongly expressed they "are open for medical patients

Maritime Medicinal was one of the three stores involved in an RCMP
raid carried out Friday afternoon, which also included Re-Leaf Medical
Dispensary and the Community Compassion Centre on Pictou Road.

Although Maritime Medicinal was able to open right away, the other two
were not so fortunate.

After having its inventory seized, the Community Compassion Centre
remains open, but is unable to sell medicinal marijuana.

"It's going to be quite a long time," said one of the centre's workers
on when they will be reopening as a dispensary.

"I didn't know they would take all my inventory. It was all tested and
fine, but they took everything. Now we are just open to sell clothes,
and help members figure out what to do now."

Re-Leaf remains closed altogether, and no one there could be reached.
Nova Scotia RCMP said further information would be available this week.
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