Pubdate: Fri, 01 Sep 2017
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Shawn Jeffords
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Work is underway to find the pop-up supervised injection site in Moss
Park a new home.

Mayor John Tory confirmed there are ongoing talks with the volunteers
who run the site to relocate it to another, indoor space in the
community. The mayor said Thursday that he visited the site earlier
this week and understands the work being done there is important.

"There are discussions ongoing to find a way in which we can make sure
that the needs of the human beings whose lives are sometimes put in
jeopardy in that neighbourhood are met, that do not find their way
into the public park," he said. "We are looking within the context of
those discussions for ways to try to do that within one set of
regulations or another."

The site began operating unsanctioned by the city health department in
the park last month after the city experienced a surge in overdose
deaths. The organizers say they've saved lives with the operation and
plan to continue their work.

Tory said last week he'd like to see the site dismantled now that
Toronto Public Health has opened a temporary supervised injection site.

"I do maintain the view that having something on a long-term basis in
a public park is not the right place to have it," Tory said. "As we
get to the winter months, there are lots of good reasons why a public
park is not going to be the best place to be doing this. I maintain
that view."

Tory stressed he understands why the pop-up site was set up. Overdose
death statistics released this week, which show 865 people died in
2016 from overdose, further underscore the need for a wide range of
solutions, he said.
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