Pubdate: Tue, 05 Sep 2017
Source: Calgary Herald (CN AB)
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Author: Pamela McColl
Page: A9


Re: Pot use can make your sperm lazy, Sept. 1

This article shed light on the very serious implication of the use of
marijuana products on reproductive health.

In 2016, I testified before the federal task force on the legalization
of marijuana and started my six-hour presentation against the
legalization of marijuana with a question for the Health Canada lawyer
and the committee.

The question was simply: "How does a responsible government legalize a
drug for recreational purposes when their health 'watchdog' agency,
Health Canada, acknowledges the science and in turn warns all Canadian
men who wish to start a family not to use this drug due to the
substantiated risks to reproductive health?"

That this government is charging ahead with legalization, knowing the
vast majority of Canadians are not aware of the risks to their
offspring, or their own health, speaks volumes.

Much of the world, under the guidance of the United Nations, continues
to restrict access because the science substantiates the harms.

Canada going rogue on marijuana policy speaks to the power and
influence of the emerging industry, and to greed.

Pamela McColl, Vancouver
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