Pubdate: Thu, 31 Aug 2017
Source: Coast, The (CN NS)
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Author: Lucy LaPlante
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A smoking syllabus to becoming the most productive pothead on

Harvard studies suggest cannabis enhances cognitive function. German
studies conclude micro-dosing weed is an effective ADHD treatment. And
with Canada's impending marijuana legalization, the "lazy stoner"
stereotype is washing away, making room for the high-functioning user
to spark up. Carefully chosen MMJ strains, dosage and smoke methods
just might be your path to becoming most productive pothead on campus.

Pre-class anxiety? Live every week like it's shark week with Great White 
Shark: This stimulating sativa offers an energizing high that melts away 
the anxiety in a room full of tutorial strangers. Great White's plant 
parents obliterate depression, stress and pain, so you can stay relaxed 
yet inspired while scoring full participation marks. Ren, a second-year 
NSCAD student with a nervous tummy, attributes her stellar grades to 
this potent strain.

"I smoke White Shark from my mini-bong for immediate relief and proper
dosage," she says. "It's perfect before class."

Unmotivated to get through weekly assignments? Smoke a j of Moby-Dick
and become a multitasking super-scholar. I once reread four entire
Iliad chapters, wrote a paper on "the will of fate" in Homer's poetry,
blasted the best of Dr. Dre and blazed Moby out of my student slum
bedroom window. This cerebral-enhancing sativa kept me driven and
focused. Plus, I had a great time? Writing my paper? And got an A?

Like the varying narrative styles from this strain's namesake, you
might crave jumping between various course work. Make a list of tasks
to accomplish and take celebratory puffs as you get them done.

Whenever I'm hosting friends, meeting up for a sesh or putting the pot
in potluck, I always roll social butterfly Blue Dream, a
sativa-dominant hybrid. This pedigreed strain is well-stocked across
town and can mellow out hardcore tokers and casual smokers alike, give
you the giggles, inspire many meaningful conversations and most
importantly take all things "thesis" off your mind.

If you've been waiting for someone to tell you marijuana makes you
smarter, you're welcome: Cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis's
non-psychoactive ingredient, is so magical that high quantities can
actually rebuild brain networks by creating new cells in the
Hippocampus, where short- and long-term memories are stored. CBD is
being used in treatment for people with brain damage or memory loss
and can also counteract marijuana-related memory impairment. Most
dispensaries have pure CBD tinctures and capsules to take orally, or
crystal isolate to sprinkle on smokables, eat or vape! Cannabidiol
also treats anxiety, chronic pain and ADHD. Just imagine how easy
studying could be if your panic attacks and laptop-hunching neck pain

And what about that magical time, say post mid-terms, when you just
want to tranquillize? Nothing feels better than blazing the night away
with bowls of heavy Indica strains, best for a full body stone, mental
and physical relaxation and getting a sound sleep. My newest fave is
LA Confidential, a gorgeous frosty California classic. Have some bowls
of LA in the bath to boost your mood and laugh through The Office one
more time. It's also a great aid for bedtime yoga (or sexy time!) and
will have you melting into sleep so pure you'd swear you were a tiny
swaddled baby.

You may feel like I'm encouraging you to be a burn-out, but arguably
the more dangerous burn-out stems from astronomically high demands on
most secondary students: course expectations, shady landlords,
balancing jobs and a provincial government out for every last penny
they can plunder with ludicrous tuition costs. Keep your GPA high, and
stay lifted.
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