Pubdate: Tue, 29 Aug 2017
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Author: Christopher Gooding
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Supporters of marijuana advocate protest outside Amherst courthouse

Support for a Cumberland County man charged with marijuana and firearm
offences showed up early Monday for his first court appearance since
being arrested almost a week ago.

Fifty-two year old Daren Wayne McCormick was arrested and charged Aug,
23, after Cumberland RCMP and a street crime unit conducted a search
at a Northport home. Ten handguns, a shotgun, drug paraphernalia and
what police descried as a large number of marijuana plants were
removed from the home.

Supporters, however, say McCormick provides medicinal marijuana to
those afflicted with cancers and other ailments.

"He heals people with cancer," Donna Thibodeau said. "I wouldn't be
here if it wasn't for the oilÂ… what they are doing is wrong."

Thibodeau travelled from Bathurst, N.B. to show her support for
McCormick outside Amherst Provincial Court ahead of his hearing.
Thibodeau says McCormick helped her cure her recover from a number of
ailments using marijuana refined down to an oil, colloquially known as
'Rick Simpson oil' after the local medicinal marijuana advocate who
popularized its use. Thibodeau was not alone in her support for
McCormick and as the 9:30 a.m. hearing approached, more support followed.

"He was going to people with hemp oil, not charging anybody for
nothing, and saving people's lives," Albert Dwyer said. Dwyer said he
suffered from colon cancer and used marijuana oil in place of
radiation and chemotherapy with positive results. According to Dwyer,
McCormick's arrest was keeping medicine from those who need it. "Why
should they put someone in jail who's saving people's lives," Dwyer

Online support for McCormick has grown to include a #freeDaren
hashtag, and the Facebook page EAST-Canada Friends has offered
extensive support for McCormick since his arrest. McCormick is charged
with: - Production of marijuana - Possession of marihuana for the
purpose of trafficking

- - Possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition

- - Eight counts of unsafe storage of a firearm

- - Eight counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm

- - Eight counts of possession of a firearm knowing possession is

- - Two counts of possession of a firearm while prohibited.
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