Pubdate: Tue, 25 Jul 2017
Source: Metro (Winnipeg, CN MB)
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Author: Keila DePape
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Winnipeg shows highest rate in country

Violent crimes are on the rise in Winnipeg and police are pointing
their fingers at drug trafficking and new technology.

The violent crime rate and - property crime rate - both rose by eight
per cent from 2015, according to the Winnipeg Police Service's 2016
annual statistical report released Monday.

Statistics Canada also released data on the national crime rate, which
shows that Winnipeg's violent crime rate is the highest in Canada.

Organized drug networks have "contributed to some of the increases of
violence," said police chief Danny Smyth. Also, some drug users are
turning to crime to feed their habits.

The prevalence of smartphones that now allow users and dealers to
connect virtually anywhere may also explain a rise in crime coming
from neighbourhoods typically thought to be "safe."

"When it comes to drugs and drug trafficking, we're a very mobile
society now-the traffickers come to you," said Smyth.

Violent crime in St. Boniface ballooned by 27 per cent this year, with
non-violent crime rising similarly in St. Vital and River Heights.

Certain types of crime are also becoming more "internet-based", which
may explain the staggering rise in reports of child pornography (303
per cent) and counterfeiting (647 per cent), said Smyth.

While technology may be enabling some crimes, it also eases

Cop Logic, a new online reporting system, is said to make it easier
for people to report property crimes.

Winnipeggers reported 4,000 more incidents than in 2015 through this
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