Pubdate: Tue, 25 Jul 2017
Source: Metro (Halifax, CN NS)
Copyright: 2017 Metro Canada
Author: Yvette d'Entremont
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The association representing Nova Scotia's apartment building owners
is speaking out against the federal government's proposed cannabis
legalization legislation.

In a media release issued on Monday, the Investment Property Owners
Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) expressed concerns about
secondhand marijuana smoke.

The release said the association's members have heard from tenants
with respiratory conditions, young families, seniors and non-smoking
residents who've expressed concerns about "inhaling drifting (second
hand) marijuana smoke and drifting airborne toxins from marijuana
plant cultivation."

IPOANS also said former marijuana users have expressed fears about
relapse if they are "coming in constant contact" with drifting
secondhand marijuana smoke.

The association's president Jeremy Jackson would like Nova Scotia's
Cannabis Legalization Working Group to follow the recommendations of
its counterpart in New Brunswick.

That group has recommended landlords be free to prohibit the
cultivation of cannabis in rented premises in a lease agreement.

Jackson also wants Nova Scotia to take a leadership position by
"affirming landlords are free to prohibit cannabis smoking in rented
premises in a lease agreement."
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