Pubdate: Thu, 20 Jul 2017
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 The Toronto Star
Author: Stephen Woof
Page: A16


Re Manitoba premier calls for delay in nation wide marijuana
legalization to 2019, July 19

The premiers of Canada are a pathetic lot. They get together and all
they can do is derail the meeting and tell everyone they can't even
manage to get their act together to sell legal marijuana.

Did they forget that the federal government was elected by the people
of Canada, and part of their platform was legalization of marijuana?
Maybe they need to ask kids at the local high school how they handle
marijuana distribution.

It's a Conservative, of course, leading the charge that the sky is
falling. Fifty years of waging war on pot is not good enough for them.
Let's keep locking up our kids and neighbours and tying up the courts.

Pot has been legal in many states south of the border and Alaska to
the north. Have those states gone back to making pot illegal? Does the
sun still shine in those states or has the sky fallen?

Maybe the premiers should be talking about a national prescription
drug plan or a national dental plan. Maybe they could eliminate
inter-provincial trade barriers. But I guess if they are declaring
themselves so inept at pot distribution, what can we really expect.
Where have all the real leaders gone?

Stephen Woof, Haliburton
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