Pubdate: Fri, 07 Jul 2017
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
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Author: Helen Pike
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July 1 not the right time, says Nenshi

Mayor Naheed Nenshi has concerns about the city's stance on marijuana
rules - but following this past Canada Day, he's also dissing the
feds' plan to legalize weed for next year's big celebration.

On Thursday, during an intergovernmental affairs committee meeting,
the mayor shared some thoughts on the city's official advocacy stance
being delivered to the provincial government.

"I am advocating very, very hard with the federal government that July
1 is the stupidest possible day," Nenshi said at the meeting, before
expanding on his concerns with reporters.

"I feel like a public holiday, when you invite hundreds of thousands
of people downtown, is just not the best first day to try such a major
policy change."

Councillors couldn't agree on the city's position over sales in
pharmacies or if they were in favour of a more grassroots,
entrepreneurial take.

Councillors did agree the city shouldn't take a hard stance on the
legal age to partake.

"I really continue to personally advocate that 21 is the right thing
to do," said Nenshi. "Some folks say that it will create a black
market of illicit product for people under the age of 21 ... but I
have a lot of trouble believing that."

The mayor also said he has personal concerns with colleges and
universities having campus dispensaries, though city administrators
confirmed they have no jurisdiction at those locations.

"We don't ban booze on campus but we also don't have liquor stores on
campus," said Nenshi.
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