Pubdate: Fri, 07 Jul 2017
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Author: Neil Bowen
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Grower claims marijuana relieves arthritis

A Lambton County woman who pleaded guilty to marijuana production
claims it relieved her arthritis for decades and soothed her goats'
skin sores.

Karen Louise Wade, 61, of Plympton-Wyoming recently pleaded guilty in
Sarnia court to growing 87 marijuana plants on her property and was
fined $2,500.

On Sept. 22, 2016 the OPP raided her property finding 87 plants
growing adjacent to bushes and hedges. Some of the plants were
six-feet high making them easier to spot, the court was told.

At the time of Wade's arrest the OPP claimed the plants had a value of

Wade had been prescribed percocet for her arthritis pain but she did
not like the chemical and turned to marijuana 20 years ago, said
defence lawyer Nick Cake.

Wade is a goat breeder and produced a marijuana ointment she applied
to the animals' skin sores. It soothed the animals and was also
helpful in the treatment of hoof ailments on horses, said Cake.

Wade, who had no criminal record, said she uses all kinds of

That was fine as long as the herbs were legal, said Justice Mark

None of the marijuana was for commercial purposes, said

Since the offence Wade has obtained a prescription for the medical use
of marijuana and her spouse now has a grower's licence.

The limits of the both government permits would have been exceeded by
the operation discovered by the OPP. The spouse's licence allows him
14 plants.

Wade's non-commercial use of the marijuana puts it in a different
category compared to those who grow it for profit, said Hornblower.

Hornblower accepted a joint submission by Crown and defence lawyers
for a $2,500 fine.

A mandatory victim surcharge pushed the financial penalty to

Wade was also put on a year's probation when she cannot possess drugs
unless lawfully prescribed.

Charges against her spouse were withdrawn.

The federal government plans to have legislation legalizing marijuana
in place by June 2018.
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