Pubdate: Fri, 23 Jun 2017
Source: Delta Optimist (CN BC)
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Author: R. Adams



Re: Greenhouse signs deal to grow pot, June 9

Reading reports out of the U.S. regarding increased and decreased pot
consumption in states that have legalized, across the board there has
been no notable increase or decrease in usage. That being said, before
people start losing their minds over this, take a look at a couple

No more shady dealings in dark corners. No more time spent by the
local police chasing down these hardened criminals. No more local
grow-ops that affect our neighbourhoods and home insurance costs.
There will also be increased local revenue and taxes.

As far as negatives, there will likely be a crime spike as some
individuals will target growers and stores selling the newly legalized
product, which is not really a change as we have petty crime now. The
extra security cost will be the responsibility of these growers and

There will also be a change for police in assessing when drivers may
be drunk or high, but I can't help but believe that is already in
place to some degree. It may be a cost that is born by the government,
but the new pot taxes will more than cover any additional costs.

I know people will point and yell that our community will all become
raging druggies and drag down our society, but really, not to make too
light of the situation, but is this much different than the end of
prohibition? I would hazard to guess many in society at that time were
touting that with legalized alcohol our communities would become
filled with hopeless drunks leading to a life of crime. We all know
that didn't happen.

Some will say that more of our susceptible community members will fall
prey to pot and that will be a cost. Well, we have alcohol, we have
prescription pills, opioids, heroin, cocaine and many other drugs, and
through experience, I firmly believe that it's the individual, not the
product, that leads to addiction.

At the end of the day, legalization of marijuana is probably overdue.
We may not like it but life changes.

Let's keep our heads as this process moves forward as there is much
worse these days to lose our minds over.

R. Adams
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