Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jun 2017
Source: Vancouver 24hours (CN BC)
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Author: Sarah Hanlon
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With legalization a little over a year away, many Canadians will be
entering stoner society armed with little to no experience with weed.
Once marijuana goes mainstream - will people know how to conduct
themselves while getting acquainted with the herb? What are the
mainstay manners of marijuana culture? 24 Hours sat down with
long-time activist Tracy Curley and some fellow cannabis industry
insiders and came up with ten solid suggestions for pothead politeness.

1 No peer pressure. Just like with an alcoholic drink or anything
else, if someone does not want to partake, then leave it at that.

2 Despite the differences, smoking cannabis in public should be treated 
the same as smoking cigarettes. Stick to the smoking areas or take the 
appropriate step away from the crowd. Vaporizers, oil pens and edibles 
are great ways to use cannabis in crowded public spaces like busy 
streets or music festivals. *Note: Do not put yourself in harm's way by 
hiding in secluded areas - you want to take a step away but don't 
isolate yourself.

3 Don't Bogart that joint, my friend! Puff, puff, pass - means just
that. More than two hoots and you're hogging.

4 Do not share with people when you are sick or think you may be
getting sick.

5 Always pitch to the session. This phrase is well known to stoners
across the globe, but for novices, I will explain: contribute! If you
do not have any weed to share with the group be the person who offers
to pay for snacks, refreshments or movie tickets. Yes, weed does grow
on trees but it also ain't free.

6 Keep your glass clean. Weed smoke doesn't linger as badly when
pipes, bongs and ashtrays are kept clean. You will also be more
inclined to offer up hoots to a friend who may drop by if everything
is orderly - making you a better hempy hostess.

7 If you are not a seasoned smoker, do not mix alcohol with marijuana.
The mixture can increase the sensations induced by both to such an
amount that even the most experienced smokers can get sick. Being a
liability for your friends is never appreciated and can kill an entire
night because everyone knows the number-one piece of etiquette in any
community is: safety first.

8 Do not mix tobacco into your joint. And if you do, make sure to let
everyone know before sharing.

9 This one is controversial, but there is really no need to pass the
dutchie on the lefthand side. Pass to whichever side you like, just
keep in mind not to skip anyone. Also, if you're trying to be
discreet, a big circle is never recommended.

10 Too much perfume, cologne or body spray smells worse than cannabis
smoke - so do not overdo it.


Let's be blunt here - cannabis users can only do their fair share when
it comes to merging with the mainstream in a mannerly way.

The government needs to provide a regulatory framework for the
existence of spaces for cannabis users. Lounges, like the one pictured
above, provide a place where people can smoke weed comfortably and
safely. Coupled with the obvious concerns about space and smoke -
there are still many negative stereotypes surrounding pot and the
people who use it - legalization isn't going to change those attitudes
overnight. It will be important to give everybody access to public

There is also just the plain logistics of the situation - if Canadians
are going to legally buy cannabis we are going to need legal places to
consume it.

Currently, lounges like these - which run on regular business licences
and serve snacks and soda instead of liquor - operate under a tenuous
situation. While they aren't viewed as illegal ventures, there is no
legislature that protects cannabis-friendly spaces from being shut

The legalization task force, headed by Anne McLellan, agrees about the
need for such spaces. In their report released last fall, they
recommended: "that jurisdictions be able to permit dedicated places to
consume [weed] such as cannabis lounges and tasting rooms if they wish
to do so with no federal prohibition."

These lounges aren't only the key to a smooth transition, they could
help create a marijuana tourism industry. If the toking traveller has
no place to consume the weed that is legally available for them to
purchase - they probably won't buy it. Maybe they skip the trip to
Canada altogether.

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