Pubdate: Wed, 14 Jun 2017
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Shawn Jeffords
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Mayor John Tory says his office continues to deal with near-daily
complaints about marijuana dispensaries across the city, but shied
away from calling for police to swoop down on the pot shops.

Tory said Tuesday that he would support additional police and
municipal bylaw enforcement when it comes to dispensaries which have
sprung up around the city since the Trudeau government announced it
would legalize marijuana.

While a supporter of legalization, Tory said he does not support weed
shops as they disrupt "stable neighbourhoods" and sell an illegal drug.

"I would hope that there might be continued vigilance and diligence
with respect to the enforcement of the laws, but zoning laws and the
criminal laws," Tory said. "The ultimate decision rests with the
people who actually go out and enforce those laws."

Marijuana dispensaries are illegal. The only legal way for Canadian
patients to purchase medical marijuana is from licensed producers,
which ship pot by mail.

Tory, who sits on the police services board, said he can't direct the
police to raid the shops. But last May - after the mayor began
publicly condemning the shops as operating in the "wild west" - police
raided marijuana dispensaries across Toronto.

Tory stressed there was no connection between the busts and his

"I am hopeful that our authorities will decide on their own, just
because the law is being disregarded, to go out and enforce the law,"
he said. "I don't direct them to do that."
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