Pubdate: Fri, 09 Jun 2017
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
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Author: Gary Storck


Thanks for the June 2 editorial, "Possession penalties are too

While any discussion about reforming Wisconsin's draconian marijuana
laws is certainly welcome, decriminalization is an old idea that still
leaves out a legal source for pot.

As your editorial noted, eight states have already legalized pot for
adult use. More states are currently in the process. Our neighbors
Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota, which already have medical
marijuana, are all exploring legalizing adult use.

Wisconsin is ready, too. The July 2016 Marquette Law School Poll found
59 percent favoring legal pot for adults. Wisconsinites also have long
supported medical use by even higher margins. Yet failure to "get it
done" has cost Wisconsin at lot.

While states such as Colorado, awash in new revenues from pot taxes,
have been able to direct new funding to schools and other projects,
Wisconsin leaders refuse to act while crying broke. Cutting aid to
schools and adding tolls to roads -- rather than saving money and
gaining new revenue streams -- is irresponsible.

Our state government is at a crossroads. Either lawmakers wake up and
find the courage to look at proven solutions, or they continue the
state's downward trend with the already out-of-control brain drain
only exacerbating.

It's time for cannabis to be a major issue. Voters should finally hold
lawmakers accountable for holding our state back.

Gary Storck

Madison, WI
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