Pubdate: Tue, 06 Jun 2017
Source: Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI)
Copyright: 2017 Journal-Pioneer
Author: John W.A. Curtis
Page: A6


A pioneer in methadone now says methadone isn't working. People on
methadone are using other drugs. It is my opinion that under the
methadone program the province has become the drug dealer.

What is the province going to do when Justin Trudeau legalizes
marijuana? Intelligence isn't an attribute required for a politician.
People are seeing provinces sue tobacco companies for health care
costs. It won't take long for the provinces to sue companies selling
marijuana for health care costs. Methadone isn't working for
addictions to heavy drugs so how is the province going to pay for
addictions to marijuana? Justin Trudeau campaigned for Wade
MacLauchlan in the last provincial election, it is time both leaders
provide answers. I think both methadone and legalizing marijuana are a

John W.A. Curtis, Summerside
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