Pubdate: Wed, 24 May 2017
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2017 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: S. Rathwell
Page: A9


Dear Editor: In response to Shelley Eberle's letter of May 20, 
"marijuana legalization is a bad idea."

Contrary to popular belief, usage rates among teenagers were monitored
the last few years by Scientific American. After Colorado legalized
the recreational use and sale of marijuana, they found rates
decreasing from 30 per cent of teens using in 2011 to 21 per cent in
2015. This has also been the case in Washington state as well as
Portugal, as after marijuana was decriminalized, both usage and
addiction rates decreased.

Legalization provides a safe platform to purchase substances free from
the criminal element or buying product laced with more harmful
substances such as fentanyl or other, unwanted drugs.

The intent of my letter was to share the message about hemp's
potential to bring much needed employment that is not minimum wage to
B.C. While many enthusiasts promote cannabis legalization for
recreational purposes, the plant's true potential lies in growing and
utilizing the hearty hemp plant, which can be harvested and re-planted
in the same field, making it a sustainable resource.

Rather than extensive clear cutting and replanting of forests, much
time and effort would be saved by harvesting hemp, which can be made
into stronger paper, rope, and building materials at a fraction of the

S. Rathwell

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