Pubdate: Tue, 23 May 2017
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017, The Belleville Intelligencer
Author: Larry Comeau
Page: B2


(Re: Pot laws creating concerns, April 19 edition)

This excellent report by Jason Miller points out the growing concerns
from municipal administrators as they try to come to grips with
marijuana legalization on July 1, 2018. Councillor Mike Graham is
correct that this is purely a political move by the Trudeau Liberals
to fulfil an election promise and to rake in the billions expected
from sales.

Parents should also be concerned with studies from the U.K., USA and
our own Canadian Medical Association all showing young people using this 
drug run greatly enhanced risk of suffering psychosis and other mental 
issues later in life. Yet, in his infinite wisdom, Trudeau is ignoring 
the CMA's recommendation that nobody under 21 be allowed to make a 
purchase setting the age at 18. There are more than 85 cannabinoids 
contained in marijuana with very little known about their long-term 
effects on the human body.

Having worked more than 20 years enforcing Canada's drug laws as an
RCMP officer, I could not agree more with the retired Belleville
police officer when he raises the question why are we doing this? The
theory being espoused by the Trudeau Liberals that legalization is the
best way to keep this drug away from our young people, by curbing
black market sales, is ludicrous and misleading.

Everywhere it has been legalized organized crime quickly got involved
in the black market thus providing a supplier for young people. In
Ontario, organized crime already have established networks to supply
cigarettes, alcohol and other commodities, meaning they can quickly
switch to selling marijuana at greater profit. They can even grown
their own increasing profits.

Municipalities better also prepare themselves for needing more
policing resources to tackle organized crime and increases in impaired
drivers on our roads. Sadly, a simple roadside test for impairment by
marijuana inhalation is still in the developmental stage. Also they
better be prepared for additional demands on already struggling
healthcare services to treat physical and mental diseases that will be
the result of legalization.

 From my experience, I am afraid Canada is about to undergo drastic
changes with this legalization move, many not for the better.

Larry Comeau

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