Pubdate: Wed, 17 May 2017
Source: Guardian, The (CN PI)
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Author: J. Bruce MacIsaac
Page: A10


There was a Letter to the Editor on the subject of legalizing
marijuana by a person who is in the business of treating youth who
have addiction issues. I agree with what the person is trying to relay
on this very important issue. The people who are in the business of
treating people with addictions know first hand the dangers of this
great idea that the government is bringing on and that is legalizing
of marijuana.

I know that from my own experience with addiction, that the results
from the disease are so damaging and far reaching it boggles my mind
how government can justify the legalizing of a drug that caused so
much pain and suffering to addicts, family, friends and taxpayers.

The government has been justifying this and using the argument that
they are not doing this to get more tax dollars, rather they are doing
this because they want to get with the times, you know, can't beat
them, join them.

If it is not about the money, then I do hope that government takes all
the money it will take in from the sale of this drug and direct it for
the treatment of addicts and the extra cost associated with
addictions. If government doesn't do that then I can only assume that
they are using the tactic called the big lie to justify what they are

J. Bruce MacIsaac, Charlottetown
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