Pubdate: Sat, 13 May 2017
Source: Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON)
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Author: Karena Walter
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Niagara Regional Police have shut down the Niagara Cannabis Club in
Merritton and have charged the operators with drug

It's the fourth St. Catharines storefront closed by the Guns, Gangs
and Grows Unit for marijuana trafficking in less than a month.

"Bottom line, these people are not licenced by Health Canada to sell
these products," said NRP Staff Sgt. Shawn Clarkson Friday.

Police said they received numerous complaints from the public about
the goings on at the former bank building at 108 Hartzel Rd. and began
an investigation into the sale of marijuana there.

As a result, police obtained a search warrant for the Niagara Cannabis
Club along with a Pelham Road address.

On Thursday at 10:25 a.m., they went into the club and arrested two
people. They also searched the Pelham Road address and arrested one

Police said they seized over $200,000 worth of smokable marijuana, THC
oil and hash oil between the two locations. They said they also found
several thousands of dollars worth of marijuana-infused products known
as edibles.

The NRP said people should be aware that any location claiming to be
authorized to sell marijuana is doing so illegally. The public can
only receive marijuana from a Health Canada-approved marijuana
producer or with an authorized production licence.

See "Until they come out and say anybody can sell marijuana, we're
going to enforce the law as it stands today," Clarkson said.

On April 27, police shut down Sacred Garden medical marijuana
dispensary at 182 Pelham Road and charged two St. Catharines men with
possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana. One of the men
was further charged with possession of proceeds of crime.

That same day, they searched and closed The Green North at 243 Welland
Avenue where three people from Welland, Niagara Falls and St.
Catharines were arrested on trafficking charge and one of them with
proceeds of crime.

Police said those two locations had $40,000 worth of drugs, thousands
of dollars worth of marijuana products and $4,700 in cash.

Earlier on April 19, police shut down a marijuana dispensary on Wright
Street and arrested two women on charges of possession of a controlled
substance for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime. Police
said the Wright Street operation had street drugs worth $39,500,
including 2,902 grams of processed marijuana, 135 grams of shatter,
322 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and 370 marijuana oil capsules,
plus $4,650 in cash.

A press release from Niagara Regional Police said operators of the
places are working on a cash-only basis and are directly profiting
from the illegal sale of controlled substances.

"Although the operators of these places claim that they are providing
a service for those who legitimately need marijuana for medical
reasons, they are nothing more then drug traffickers," it said.

Of the three people arrested Thursday, two were charged. They're
accused of trafficking marijuana buds, marijuana oils and marijuana
edible products.

Timothy Robitaille, 52 and Kelly Kirby, 50, were each charged with two
counts of possession of a schedule two controlled substance, two
counts of unlawful production of a controlled substance and one count
of possession of proceeds of crime.
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