Pubdate: Wed, 10 May 2017
Source: Amherst Citizen, The (CN NS)
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Author: Dave Mathieson
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Driving on the dope could soon lead to a driving suspension and a

"In Canada the proposed legislation for roadside screening is going to
between two and five nanograms of cannabis for suspensions and a
$1,000 fine."

That was the message RCMP Const. Travise Dow gave at the MADD Road
Rally Saturday at the Amherst Lions Club.

Dow said a 2016 study done by the Canadian Safety Council shows that
24 per cent of drivers who have crashed on Canadian highways have high
levels of THC in their system. THC is the active chemical in cannabis
giving users the high they seek.

"That number is growing every year and, as of 2018, it might grow even
further with the impending legislation."

That impending federal legislation is the legalization of marijuana.
Dow then pulled out a short plastic stick.

"This is a roadside screener for drugs. Seven kinds of drugs will be
screened with this on the side of the road," said Dow.

Dow said several countries throughout the world have used the screener
for a long time.

"Currently Canada does not have federal legislation for this. It's in
the pending legalization platform that will be presented throughout
the rest of this year to 2018, but currently we do not have this law,"
said Dow. "Amsterdam, Spain, Uruguay and some other countries measure
five nanograms of cannabis in your body, in your saliva for testing,
and, depending on the strain of cannabis you're smoking, it could be
anywhere from half a joint to a joint."

Dow pointed out that recreational marijuana is potent and can impair

"It's really critical we have some laws in place to help save lives
and prevent injury and death on our highways."

Dow said Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are the last provinces in
Canada without a roadside suspension for drugs but hopes new
legislation will make it law across the land.

"That's going to allow Amherst Police, the RCMP, and other municipal
police officers across this province to save lives and prevent injury,
and make sure we're catching those impaired drivers before we lose our
loved ones," said Dow.
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