Pubdate: Wed, 26 Apr 2017
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Mark Bonokoski
Page: 7


"My father had a couple of connections," said Justin Trudeau.

"No s---!" cried the peasants.

These would be the same peasants, by the way, with no connections
whatsoever, whose father was not a former prime minister still
worshipped by the progressives and the elites, who wouldn't know a
good lawyer from an ambulance chaser (and could not afford either),
and who have no strings to pull in either law enforcement or the
judiciary because they are just another sad face in a teeming court
system overflowing with sad faces.

This is the reality of ordinary Canadians.

Michel Trudeau, however, like his prime minister father and future
prime minister brother, did not live in this world.

He lived in a world of privilege and entitlement where troubles could
be made to disappear.

When Pierre Trudeau, the iconic Philosopher King, snapped his fingers,
few would not bolt to their feet and offer to put in the fix.

Justin Trudeau has now admitted as much.

Six months before Michel Trudeau's death 20 years ago during an
avalanche in the Kokanee Mountain range of British Columbia, he was
apparently in a serious car accident on his way home to Montreal.

As the investigating cops helped the 23-year-old Trudeau gather up his
belongings that had been scattered along the roadside, they came
across a couple of marijuana joints in a Sucrets can.

This would have been in 1998.

Simple pot possession back then was still severely frowned upon by law
enforcement, and so young Michel Trudeau, like hundreds of others on
any given day in 1998, was busted.

No worries, as they say.

"(My father Pierre) was very confident that we were able to make those
charges go away," our PM told a small town hall organized by Vice
Media. "We were able to do that because we had the resources, my dad
had a couple of connections and we were confident that my little
brother was not going to be saddled with a criminal record for life."

And, poof, just like that, the charges disappeared and the catalyst
for Trudeau to legalize marijuana was supposedly born.

Justin Trudeau seems proud of this, proud that his father interfered
with justice, which is a criminal act in itself.

If this had come out at the time, it would have been a scandal of
major proportions because of Pierre Trudeau's status as a former prime
minister, a justice minister and a highly-respected lawyer would have
shaken the political establishment to as great a degree as Brian
Mulroney accepting envelopes stuffed with cash.

But, to Justin Trudeau, there was no outrageousness in

Seeing his brother beat the rap because of family interference and
connections was just another day in the life of the Trudeaus.

Now my father had no such "connections" when similar circumstances had
me busted during my college days in Toronto, arrested at gunpoint,
tossed in jail, fingerprinted and mug shot, and hauled off to court in
handcuffs because of a modicum of marijuana found in a rooming house
shared with three other students.

My father also had no money after raising five kids on what amounted
to a blue-collar salary, so it was legal aid for me.

My father also knew no cops to influence, not that he would

He believed in sleeping in the bed you made.

In the end, however, my charges were dropped because I was the only
one of the four indicted who was wise enough not to cop to any guilt
during the interrogation process.

In other words, I got lucky.

My prime minister back then was Pierre Trudeau.

Different folk; disparate strokes.
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