Pubdate: Tue, 18 Apr 2017
Source: Cape Breton Post (CN NS)
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The Liberals have introduced a new Cannabis Act that attempts to check
the box of an election promise kept. I don't think the bill will pass
anytime soon and I doubt the Liberals are serious about it anyway.

Why unveil the Act on the last day before a two-week break in

The act does have its challengers in the medical and legal fields.
Eighteen is not an acceptable age for the government to allow for
marijuana use. Medical opinion has advised that up to the age of 25
the human brain is still developing and that marijuana use can stunt
this development.

Yes, I have little doubt that people under the age of 25 or 18 will
still get their hands on marijuana. However, the government should not
be complicit in providing the marijuana simply so they can collect tax

Some will argue that we do it now with alcohol and cigarettes, but I
would argue that two wrongs do not make a right. Perhaps 25 would be
an unenforceable age to choose but the Liberals should listen to
medical opinion and raise it from 18, which is too young.

Police will have the legal right to pull you over at any time if they
think you are driving under the influence of marijuana. They do not
need any observation of erratic or slow driving, no need or proof of
visual use. In fact, they don't need any evidence at all, just their
belief that you are under the influence of marijuana.

This leans towards a police state in my opinion and would never
survive the inevitable court challenge so why would the Liberals ever
word the legislation in this way? Fix the Act now before the expensive
and time wasting legal challenges.

I also have an issue with the date chosen for legalization - July 1,
2018. Already this date has become known as Cannabis Day.

In choosing this date, I see one of three explanations and none are
good. Either, the Prime Minister thought this was a very bold and
brash move, he never thought of the date being an issue or he knows it
is never going to happen.

Regardless, I take issue with choosing the July 1 celebration of our
country as the date for the implementation of this legislation. I
believe Canada's birthday deserves a bit more respect than what our
prime minister has displayed with this insolent and ill thought out
date choice. It is not the association most of us seek as Canadians.

But as the concern grows from the provinces and Canadians over this
Cannabis Act, either by prorogation or by blaming the Senate, the
Liberals will back away from this poorly worded legislation. Just you

James Kerr

Glace Bay
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