Pubdate: Mon, 17 Apr 2017
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017, The Belleville Intelligencer
Author: Larry Comeau
Page: B2


Anyone who has visited Amsterdam or Seattle has a good idea of what
marijuana legalization will do the degradation of inner city, with
stoned young people all over the place.

Sadly, Trudeau's theory that legalization of marijuana is the best way
to keep it away from young people, by keeping organized crime out of
black-market sales, is right out of fantasyland.

Everywhere it has been legalized organized criminal groups have
quickly gotten involved to take part in huge profits and little risk
of serious jail time. In Ontario, OC already have networks in place to
distribute cigarettes and other commodities, meaning selling pot will
be an easy transition. Recent arrests of Hell Angels involved in
blackmarket sales of medical marihuana show how out of touch Trudeau's
views are with reality.

With the U.K., USA and our own Canadian Medical Association all saying
young people using marijuana have a drastically increased risk of
suffering psychosis and other mental issues latter, parents should be
very concerned, as we go down this dangerous path.

Trudeau is ignoring CMA recommendations that nobody under 21 be
allowed to purchase this drug. With marijuana containing 85 different
cannabiniods, many with unknown effects on the human body, we are
entering no man's land. We do know THC is the cause of the euphoria
smoking pot gives and that today's hydroponically produced marijuana's
THC content is much more potent than in day's gone by.

One certainty is that legalization will add many more impaired drivers
to our highways and more stress to our struggling healthcare system.
Getting into the USA will become much more difficult with Trump
clamping down on all drugs.

Larry Comeau

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