Pubdate: Mon, 03 Apr 2017
Source: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 The Hamilton Spectator
Author: Don Harrington
Page: A10


Re: Legalizing marijuana

Hello Ottawa, are you already high on something? What is the Liberal
government thinking with their priority on cannabis? Do we have no
more urgent problems?

They would have us believe that they will be able to control it and
keep it out of the hands of young people. What universe are these
people from? They can't even come close to controlling regular tobacco

Make no mistake, it will be used by young people, it will cause
impairment problems and deaths, it will cause societal problems and it
will lead some users down the path to harder drug use. There will be
criminal involvement and underground sales.

We have been trying for decades to lessen reduce [sic] smoking, for 
reasons of health, second hand smoke, litter and air pollution in 
general. Now some people want to inflict on me and society at large, 
including children, their lower standards and second-hand marijuana 
smoke. They are obviously of the "me first" mentality.

Wake up people! Once legalized there will be no going back and it will
be a sad day indeed for Canada!

Don Harrington, Smithville
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