Pubdate: Tue, 04 Apr 2017
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
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Author: Todd Hambleton
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On Monday, they were racing to get set up for the 19th edition of
Racing Against Drugs at the Cornwall Armoury.

Starting Tuesday morning, the huge venue will attract over 1,000 Grade
6 kids over the next four days, for what is a bilingual,
community-based drug and alcohol awareness program that uses the sport
of racing to capture students' attention and demonstrate the benefits
of living a drug-free lifestyle.

"The philosophy of the program is, we teach the students what a drug
is, and most importantly, we (demonstrate) how your health will be
affected ( by using drugs)," said RCMP Const. Jean Juneau, chair of
the Racing Against Drugs organizing committee for SDG.

It's all about mixing fun with education, and, not surprisingly, the
giant racetrack is always a favourite exhibit. There will be 11
kiosks/pit stops in all, students rotating through them in
eight-minute intervals. And, for the second straight year, there'll be
a "Fit Break," five minutes long, where the students will gather and
"we make them move," Juneau said with a smile. "They'll be dancing,
everyone will be having fun."

But Racing Against Drugs, of course, has a very serious

"We follow (societal) trends," Juneau said. "(For example), we'll
speak about marijuana. There's a misunderstanding (about marijuana
among many students). It's not legal, and it's not for you. Your brain
has not finished developing. (Marijuana) will affect development of
your brain, and your future cognitive skills." Juneau said that the
social impact of drugs on a young person's life will be addressed, and
that students will be taught how to say no, how to resist peer pressure.

Juneau added that there'll be talks about fentanyl - "it's a very
dangerous, potent drug," he said.

Students from 36 schools across the city, the Seaway Valley and the
region will participate, including kids from Sacred Heart, Bridgewood,
Winchester, Chesterville, Iona Academy (St. Raphael's) and St.
Finnan's (Alexandria) schools on Tuesday.

The many community partners in Race Against Drugs include the Cornwall
Community Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Centre de sante
communitaire de l'Estrie, le Club Optimiste de la region de Cornwall,
Emergency Services of SD&G, Partir d'un bon pas, Ontario Conservation
Officer, Canada Border Services Agency, the Eastern Ontario Health
Unit, CN Police and Patenaude Martial Arts.
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