Pubdate: Wed, 15 Mar 2017
Source: Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 Sun Media
Author: Larry Comeau
Page: A4


"Six workers arrested in marijuana dispensaries raid," March 11

Just this week a report was released saying smoking marijuana can do
the same serious damage to lungs as tobacco, which is common sense.
The U.K. has done extensive studies showing young people who smoke
marijuana have a greatly enhanced chance of suffering psychosis and
other mental issues later in life. There is no easy roadside test for
drivers in Canada believed to have smoked up. (In Colorado, traffic
deaths have gone up substantially since it legalized pot).

Yet the Trudeau government is rushing ahead with legalization, thereby
ignoring all the studies showing negative effects on society, the huge
negative effect on our ailing health-care services and increased
deaths on our roads, all just to fulfil an election promise and, of
course, to rake in billions from sales.

Recently, Trudeau said legalization would keep marijuana out of the
hands of our youth by curbing black market sales. This is right out of
fantasyland, as everywhere marijuana has been legalized, organized
crime has quickly moved in because of the huge profits on the black
market. As we have seen in Ontario, there is a market for illicit
cigarette sales, and it would simply switch to selling marijuana.
Common sense dictates that if we cannot keep legalized alcohol and
cigarettes away from the young, how on earth would this be the case
with legalized pot?

With so much at stake, there should be no rush with pot legalization.
The fact that the only other country to do this is Urguary speaks
volumes. The Trump administration just stated it plans to start
enforcement of laws dealing with marijuana, meaning it will view
legalization negatively, which will seriously impact free flow across
the border.

Larry Comeau

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