Pubdate: Wed, 15 Mar 2017
Source: Northumberland Today (CN ON)
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Author: Pete Fisher
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COBOURG - The owner of a full service pot dispensary store that was
busted last year pleaded guilty to two charges in February in Cobourg

South Shore Wellness - Full Service Cannabis Dispensary, which was
located at 8987 County Road 45 in Roseneath, was busted on Aug. 17,
2016 by members of the Ontario Provincial Police Central East Drug
Unit, assisted by Northumberland OPP.

The operator of the facility, Timothy Tucker, was arrested at the
scene and taken away in handcuffs. He faced four charges under the
Criminal Code including using a forged document, possession for the
purpose of trafficking (marijuana), proceeds of crime (less than
$5,000) and possession for the purpose of trafficking (cannabis resin).

On Feb. 27, 2017, Tucker pleaded guilty to using a forged document and
possession for the purpose of trafficking (marijuana).

The two other charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking
(cannabis resin) and proceeds of crime were withdrawn.

Northumberland Today first reported on the dispensary that had been
operating for approximately two months prior to being taken down by

As a result of the story of the dispensary, Tucker had said the story
in the paper was good for the business, but just hours after his
arrest in August he had no comment. A number of types of marijuana and
other items were seized from the store including hash oil, and
different types of product including Critical Mass, White Cookies,
Rock Star, Sweet Tooth, Bruce Banner and White Widow.

Tucker received a penalty of a suspended sentence with probation for
one year and a $200 victim surcharge for uttering a forged document.

For possession for the purpose of trafficking, he was fined $10,000
and a victim surcharge of $3,000 and there was a forfeiture order of
all items seized.
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