Pubdate: Mon, 13 Mar 2017
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2017 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Ron Barillaro
Page: A7


Dear Editor: The law is the law. In Canada, the law is the law until the 
law, through parliament, actually changes. In theory, if one breaks the 
law, there should be consequences that follow. As we all know, many 
times laws are broken and the consequences have been "of little or no 
consequence where the bleeding heart court system seems to show sympathy 
to would be offenders." There seems to be little or no consistency in 
many court proceedings.

Our illustrious Prime Pinister Justin Trudeau made a pre-election
grandstand announcement that he and his government would legalize
marijuana if and when he was elected. He was elected as we all know
and yet there has been little if anything put forth in the way of
fulfilling his pre-election promise. The rhetoric from him has been
that there are several issues that need to be studied before
legislation will be happening. In other words, it is not a cut and
dried issue.

Recently, there were raids conducted in Toronto on some larger pot
outlets owned by Canada's Pot King, Mark Emery and his wife. The
outlets were busted along with the Emerys. Many users are crying foul
and stating that Trudeau and company should be ashamed for these
actions. My question is "Why?." The law has not yet been amended,
repealed or struck down. The law is the law.

I am neutral when it comes to marijuana issues. Some of the U.S.
states that have legalized pot are re-evaluating their stance re: pot.
However, I take issue when the hue and cry of pot devotees crying
"foul" knowing full well until the law changes, pot sales and pot
usage, for the most part (exceptions seem to be medical marijuana from
government regulated suppliers) are illegal and subject to court
charges. It's not rocket science!

Perhaps COP will get the idea that some of the temporary licenses that
may have been issued in the city are null and void and that they are
against the law. Hopefully, they will re-evaluate their position from
a legal standpoint or they would be no better than those that would
seek to openly defy the current Canadian law regarding same.

Until there is a marked change and new definition of legal pot sales
and use, the laws of the land prevail. Again, not rocket science!

Ron Barillaro Penticton
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