Pubdate: Thu, 09 Mar 2017
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Author: Millicent McKay
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Summerside couple opening store selling glass pieces for legal herbs
and medical marijuana

It's a cause close to Megan Patey and Tommy Biggar's hearts.

"I use it for my anxiety and PTSD. And since starting it, I've been
functioning a lot better," explained Patey.

The "it" is medicinal marijuana prescribed by a physician.

Biggar added, "It's incredible. It went from her nails being below the
skin, to being able to paint them, to having to cut them. It was
incredible to see how it helped her."

In April, Patey and Biggar will open their new business Island Releaf

"There is no store like this in Summerside. Instead people have to
drive to Charlottetown to get glasswear that is used for taking legal
herbs and medical marijuana."

"It isn't about smoking it, it's about ingesting it," said Biggar. "We
know there is the possibility of (marijuana) legalization coming to
Canada and I think this is something that could help the downtown area
of the city. But we want to make it more affordable for people."

Island Releaf Glass will sell glass pieces, accessories, papers as
well as novelty items like stickers, patches and band memorabilia to
those 19 years and over.

"We're going to be sticky on that," said Biggar. "We're not here to
support anything illegal and we certainly don't condone it." What's
surprised the couple is the support they've already received from Islanders.

"It's been overwhelming actually. There seems to be a lot of people
excited for it. It seems like the stigma … is going away," Biggar
explained. "Where we expected a lot of pushback, we've been accepted
with open arms."

One of the difficult parts of the process was tracking down

"That posed an issue. There was a lot of verifying where our
storefront was. But we have our first shipment arriving on Friday.
It's exciting," Patey added. Bigger continued, "Being a business owner
is difficult and I'm sure we're not alone in this experience. Every
day has been a learning curve. It's all been happening so fast."

Ultimately the store is meant to be a comfortable place for people,
Patey said.

"We want to be that place where people can come and if they want to
talk about prescriptions and get more information about it then we're
here. We just want to help and be there if people need us."

The store is allowed to carry 12 to 14 brands of glasswear and is set
to open April 1, with it's grand opening scheduled for April 20.

"We'll have a grand opening sale through the weekend and we're hoping
to have a barbeque so we can all get to know each other and the community."

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1. Co-founded by Megan Patey and Tommy Biggar

2. Located at 224 First St., Summerside

3. Opening April 1, 2017

4. Grand Opening celebration: April 20, 2017

5. Offers glass pieces, accessories, papers as well as novelty items
like stickers, patches and band memorabilia to those 19 years old and
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