Pubdate: Fri, 03 Mar 2017
Source: Regina Leader-Post (CN SN)
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Author: Brian Fitzpatrick
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Patrol group hopes similar fate awaits other notorious

There have been many sombre walks through North Central for White Pony
Lodge members in recent times, but on Thursday the neighbourhood
patrol group was celebrating as a notorious local building was torn

With the city sending in a contractor to demolish the multi-unit
dwelling at 1454 Angus St., Jan Morier and Shawna Oochoo met at the
site and embraced as the longtime drug den was reduced to nothing.

"The number of times we have come to this property to try and clean it
up? It's all worthwhile now to see that finally it's going to be
cleaned up for good," Morier said.

"The needle use and the danger to our neighbourhood was evident, and
this just brings such joy to my heart to see it come down and to hope
that this is the first of many drug houses that we're going to help
take down."

On one summer 2016 patrol alone, White Pony Lodge found 60 to 70
needles and assorted drug paraphernalia at the abandoned building.

Though it was boarded up, access was being gained via an outdoor
stairway that led to a second storey balcony.

There had been a number of fires there; five, by Oochoo's estimate. In
August, White Pony Lodge called for the building to at least be made
safe and inaccessible if it couldn't be demolished. But on Thursday,
the group received the best possible news.

"It's an amazing feeling," Oochoo said as the house creaked, groaned
and eventually toppled behind her. "It was a huge concern for the
community. So to actually see that happen today, it just brings so
much good feeling."

Oochoo thanked the Regina Police Service, City of Regina and local
residents who chipped in on social media to raise awareness.

"It started off with just a post on Facebook to show some of the
issues we have with some of the houses down here, so to actually see
this happen, and everybody work together to have this happen, is very
awesome," she said.

"I didn't expect it to actually be demolished until maybe later in the
spring," she said. "It really sends the message that if you work
together you can create change, and that's exactly what North Central

"We made a lot of noise and the people of North Central got behind us,
and this is the result today," Morier said as she looked at the pile
of rubble with a wide smile.

"It took a while … but here it is, and it's a thing of beauty."
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