Pubdate: Wed, 22 Feb 2017
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
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Author: Mike Hawley


Okanagan Cannabis Solutions owner Bob Jaenicke needs a reality check
(Penticton Western News, Feb. 17, Not thumbing our noses at city council).

I am a home owner that lives about 100 feet from this business. In his
arrogance to defy city council he puts our children at risk.

First of all city council has every legal right to determine what
business are allowed in our city. They have every legal right to limit
those businesses in our city period. There should have never been any
licences approved at all.The selling of these products over the
counter is illegal. I don't care what adults want to buy,they are
adults. Influencing our children is another thing.

As a taxpayer and homeowner, I do not want this type of business on
Main Street, period. We have spent millions of dollars to upgrade Main
Street to become family-friendly to tourists.

Every school day hundreds of children walk right past Okanagan
Cannabis Solutions, which has graphics of pot leaves displayed in its
window for all these children to see. These students going to
Penticton Secondary School and KVR middle school can all read the word
cannabis displayed on their business sign.

The medical definition of cannabis is marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), a
drug derived from the family of plants that includes hemp. Cannabis
can be smoked or eaten. Use of cannabis produces a mild sense of
euphoria, as well as impairments in judgment and lengthened response

Dictionary definition of cannabis is a tall plant with a stiff upright
stem, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to
produce hemp fiber and as a psychotropic drug. Also called

Marijuana (cannabis) exhibits a wide range of psychoactive effects in
its user, the following are just some of the psychoactive effects of

* Altered perception

* Change in mood

* Relaxation

* Euphoria

* Altered sense of time and space

* Impaired memory (high doses)

* Paranoia/anxiety (high doses)

* Auditory/visual illusions (high doses)

* Hallucinations (very high doses)

This is what the business is advertising to our children. This
business is 200 feet away from a daycare. When kids become adults they
are free to make their own choice as to using marijuana products. It
is an illegal product.

Cigarettes are banned for sale to kids. In fact, they are hidden
behind the counters. Businesses are not allowed to advertise outside
their building that they sell cigarettes. This is done to protect our
children. Also keep in mind that cigarettes are legal. Yet for some
reason the dispensary is given a special exemption to advertise the
sale of cannabis right in front of our children.

The federal government will not be passing legislation to make
selling/using cannabis and its products any time soon. They are
studying the affect of the high levels of THC, including over
consumption of edibles.

Two Colorado deaths associated with pot-infused foods were; Wyoming
college student Levy Thamba Pongi, 19, who took a leap from a Denver
hotel balcony after eating pot-infused cookies."Marijuana
intoxication" was listed by the coroner as a significant factor in his
death. Kristine Kirk,44, who was allegedly shot and killed by Richard
Kirk. She had called 911 to report that her husband was experiencing
hallucinations after taking marijuana candy with prescription
medicine.Prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder.

Picture any one of our children who have walked by this store daily
and think it must be safe to use and eat cannabis products as they are
selling it. So at a weekend party they mix edibles and alcohol,because
in their minds it must be safe.Why put our kids at risk? Shut this
down and move it.

Mike Hawley

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