Pubdate: Fri, 24 Feb 2017
Source: Observer, The (CN SN)
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Author: Kelly Running


Friday mornings in the office tend to be a little bit slower, so we
end up discussing a wide variety of topics. One topic of discussion,
which was addressed were thoughts surrounding the legalization of marijuana.

The Liberals ran on a platform, which stated they would pursue this
legalization. Although it hasn't been a priority in government, I do
feel that it is something that would generate revenue for the
government. Much like the Government of Saskatchewan has a liquor tax,
the Government of Canada could impose one on marijuana sales.

In an article from the Denver Post by Carlos Illescas, which was
published on May 26, 2016, "Marijuana sales tax revenue huge boon for
Colorado cities," Illescas reports that "revenue from retail marijuana
sales is helping communities address homelessness, send children to
college, patch potholes, secure water rights, and fund an array of

Currently in Saskatchewan it would appear as though the government is
pulling back funding for education and health care. These are the two
places I want to see my tax dollars go towards - and that's despite
not having a child or really needing the health care system currently.
It's the fact that when I will need it, I want it to be well funded. I
can handle driving on cruddy roads. We've been there before. After all
when I was growing up the running joke was that you could tell when
you had crossed into Alberta, whether you saw the sign welcoming you
or not, because the roads immediately got better.

Legalizing marijuana would help fund projects, as it has in Colorado,
which would otherwise be unobtainable. In addition to the funds raised
through a different taxation base, the legalization of marijuana would
also bring down costs in the legal system. How many are charged, gone
to court, or even spent time in jail because of marijuana? So, cost in
patrolling for marijuana would go down and the government would be
making money off of the legalization of it.

Now, I'm not saying Colorado has the perfect system and I do think
Canada needs to do its own grunt work in figuring what our system
would look like; however, when you look at alcohol in Canada… is
marijuana really worse?

First off it's just a plant, so are coca leaves - but cocaine has a
ton of additives which changes it completely. Secondly, marijuana
smokers tend to be more relaxed than those drinking alcohol who seem
to be more inclined to become violent. Although the affect would be
different, alcohol and marijuana seem to be providing a similar
effect, to have the individual become inebriated.

Personally, I have never tried marijuana, so I'm not one of those
people that wants it legalized in order to be able to smoke it. It
really doesn't affect me.

Would I be tempted to try cannabis essential oils for joint pain if it
were available? That makes me sound older than my late-20s, but I do
have bad knees and may be inclined if it were legalized to see if it

There is a lot of research out there though promoting the medicinal
properties of marijuana and for that reason, there are plant breeders
which have been working to minimize the amount of THC
(tetrahydrocannabinal) in the plant, which causes the "high"
associated with marijuana, and increasing the CBD (cannabidiol), which
holds the medicinal properties within marijuana.

So, much like an alcohol content being posted on a liquor bottle, the
same could be done for the strain of marijuana being sold.

Ultimately though, I think the government should legalize marijuana.
Form laws surrounding it like alcohol, but I don't believe it should
be illegal.
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