Pubdate: Fri, 17 Feb 2017
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Author: Morgan Modjeski
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He's done four rotations helping law enforcement agencies combat the
international drug trade in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

On Thursday, navy Lt.-Cmdr. Lucas Kenward was in Saskatoon to speak
with local police and reservists about Canada's role in the fight.

"One of the key messages that I bring to police services is that the
mission that we're doing ... while it is displaced by some 5,000 miles
from here, it does have a direct impact," he said.

"The contraband that we're dealing with down there does end up making
its way to the streets of every community in Canada."

Kenward, who commands HMCS Edmonton, has helped keep thousands of
kilograms of drugs like cocaine off the street.

Part of Operation CARIBBE, Canada's involvement in a "multinational
campaign against illicit trafficking by transnational organized crime"
- - known as Operation MARTILLO - includes agencies from the U.S.,
France, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K.

Kenward said the Canadian Forces' contribution in the operation is
cost-effective because it removes illegal product in the early stages
of transportation, before it's gone through numerous ports and across
various borders.

Kenward presented to about 30 members of Saskatoon's HMCS Unicorn
reserve unit on Wednesday. He said it's good to talk with sailors
working civilian jobs, as it helps them get excited about the navy's

A trip to the Prairies was important since some of his crew members
come from primary reserves in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary,
he said.

"It's kind of nice on a personal level to be able to come back to
these people's hometowns and talk about the great work their kids are
doing, or that their friends are doing at sea."

Lt.-Cmdr. Matthew Dalzell, commanding officer for the naval reserve
unit, said hearing from Kenward is important.

"It's an important thing that we're doing with our allies and it's
really showing that naval reservists - part-time sailors from across
the country - can go work with their full-time counterparts, and do
the work the navy does for our country."
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