Pubdate: Fri, 10 Feb 2017
Source: Barrie Examiner (CN ON)
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Author: Cheryl Browne
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Blood splatters on the door leading into second-storey apartment where
two men died seem to confirm the neighbours' worst fears.

Strange comings and goings at all hours of the day and night led
William Street neighbours to believe drugs were being bought or sold
from their neighbour's home.

"It's very disturbing and really unfortunate," said Debra, who asked
her last name not be used.

"I know it sounds cliche, but I said to my husband, 'don't you find it
odd that while we were sleeping two people were being killed a few
houses away?' "It's tragic." Debra grew up near the William Street
home where 19-year-old Nick Pasowisty and his 51-yearold father Jayme
were killed in the early hours of Wednesday.

Police were called to the neighbourhood shortly after 3:30 a.m. and
within an hour they had cordoned off the short street between Burton
Avenue and Holgate Street to investigate the double homicide.

That afternoon, police arrested 24-year-old Dyrrin Daley at his
residence on Marcus Street. He has since been charged with two counts
of first-degree murder.

Another William Street neighbour, who spoke on the condition of
anonymity, said she witnessed what she perceived to be drug activity
over the course of the last year.

"There were lots of taxis bringing people to the house. They'd run in
for a few minutes and then they'd get back in the cab and drive off,"
she said.

"I watched a pick-up truck stop in front of my house. A guy got out
and ran down the street, went into the apartment and then ran back to
the truck that was parked at Shear Park a few minutes later.

"It happened often enough, we all noticed it," the woman

Neighbours say the homeowners of 52/54 William St., have lived there
for approximately 50 years.

Marlene Holman has lived on Burton Avenue for the past 34

"The neighbourhood has changed over the years. Families have come and
gone. It's not a bad neighbourhood, but it has changed," Holman said.

"My son wants to me to move. After he heard about the murders, he
called and said, 'That's it. You're moving'," she said.

Holman said her home was broken into two years ago by a man she said
was "high on drugs" who said he was looking for his wife.

Her husband ran down the stairs and grabbed him before he could do any
harm, but she said it's the sort of thing that never happened in the

Alex Rodrigues was doing repairs at a home on William Street a few
doors down from where the police have the street cordoned off with
yellow police tape.

"I kind of hope someone else in the same lifestyle sees this and
thinks maybe they should change things in their life," Rodrigues said
"Unfortunately, the drug money comes so easy. They don't have to get
up and go to work."

A short drive to Marcus Street, just off Anne Street South near Tiffin
Avenue, John Black was readying to go shopping on the sunny, cold
Thursday afternoon.

He said a mother and her two children live in the main floor of the
house at 11 Marcus St., and the murder suspect lived with several
people in the basement apartment.

Yellow police tape flapped in the cold wind as Black spoke. Black said
two Hondas had been removed from the residence by police on Wednesday.

"We never had any problems, no disturbances of any kind," Black said.
"I was surprised when the police showed up. There were no loud
parties, no signs of suspicious activity."
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