Pubdate: Wed, 01 Feb 2017
Source: Richmond News (CN BC)
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Author: Alan Campbell


A store caught by police allegedly selling marijuana and illegal
marijuana-related products has been the recipient of numerous City of
Richmond bylaw infraction tickets.

The Richmond News reported last week how Richmond RCMP executed a
search warrant at the at the WeeMedical Wellness Center on Anderson
Road, just a few yards from the front door of Richmond City Hall.

Police said that, during the search, they found dozens of bags of
illegal marijuana and marijuana-based products, including candy-like
items, for sale.

And according to the City of Richmond, bylaw officers have been
pursuing the store for some time for operating without a licence and
had issued a "number of tickets."

"We were continuing to seek to bring them, voluntarily, into
compliance with our bylaws; however, they continued to operate," said
city spokesperson Ted Townsend.

"We will continue to monitor the premises to determine if further
action is necessary."

Both the RCMP and the city believe WeeMedical hasn't opened since it
received the RCMP "visit" last Tuesday, Jan. 24.

When the News arrived at the store on Monday afternoon, the blinds
were closed and the door was locked.

According to the police, around 180 small bags, believed to contain
marijuana, and quantities of baked goods, confectioneries and other
edible products, believed to contain marijuana, were seized during
last week's search.

The Mounties described a scene where they arrived at the store and,
even after entering, their presence was barely noticed by staff, who
were, apparently "preoccupied" with another activity.

Among the products seized by police were marijuana-laced gummy worms,
jelly cola bottles, chocolate bars and potato chips.

"As the law currently stands, it is illegal to operate a business
without a licence and it is illegal to sell or distribute
marijuana/marijuana-based products. Full stop," said Richmond RCMP's
Cpl. Dennis Hwang last week.

"Until such time as the law changes, you can most certainly expect a
visit from us."

Ahead of the expected federal legalization of marijuana, the City of
Richmond has already taken a proactive approach to preventing the
potential proliferation of marijuana dispensaries across the city.

City councillors approved a bylaw amendment to ban dispensaries, but
may revisit the issue should federal legalization take effect.

A federal report with a commitment to introduce legislation on
legalizing marijuana is expected this spring, according to Canada's
Ministry of Justice.
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