Pubdate: Thu, 26 Jan 2017
Source: Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)
Copyright: 2017 The Hamilton Spectator
Author: George Rooney
Page: A10


RE: Seeing through the fog on marijuana (Jan. 24)

Excellent article by Howard Elliott on marijuana legalization. It also
reinforces my belief that marijuana dispensaries in Ontario will all
be outlawed if pot is legalized.

The legalization of marijuana will not be welcome for the powerful
lobbyists of pharmaceutical industries because they will lose profits.
The breweries and distilleries will also lose profits because they are
in charge of the "feel good" industry and don't want people buying pot
instead of liquor or beer.

You can expect the Ontario government to only allow the LCBO to sell
pot. Don't expect the Liberals to allow, as the federal study results
recommended, homes to grow any marijuana plants because there is no
way to tax it. Therefore marijuana will be sold in liquor stores. That
will allow and increase the number of impaired drivers based on an
officer's discretion because there are no legal limits for pot. If
marijuana is legalized and embraced by Canadians, then within a few
years, antidepressant drugs, breweries and distilleries will have lost
millions of dollars in profits.

George Rooney, Hamilton
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