Pubdate: Mon, 23 Jan 2017
Source: Herald Times Reporter (Manitowoc, WI)
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Author: Alisa M. Schafer


MANITOWOC - A listening session hosted by State Rep. Paul Tittl,
R-Manitowoc, and Republican State Sen. Devin LeMahieu Monday was dominated
by talks of legalizing medical marijuana.

Out of the 25 attendees to Monday's listening session, nine people voiced
their support of legalizing medical marijuana in the state.  Many cited
mental health issues they believed would be better treated with cannabis
oil than with pharmaceuticals. "It seems there is a numerous amount of
people interested in passing medical marijuana in the State of Wisconsin,"
Tittl said. "I think it is to the point where we should have the
conversation -- I'm not saying whether I am for it or against it -- but I
think more information does need to come out on both sides."

Others, such as County Supervisor Don Zimmer, were against legalizing
medical marijuana. Among his reasons for opposing legalization, Zimmer
said marijuana has been labeled a "gateway drug," --meaning it could lead
to use of other drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

"There is a lot of interest on both sides of the issue," LeMahieu said.
"It is great to have these listening sessions and hear people's opinions."

Attendees also spoke about funding for local infrastructure, land and
water preservation, and changes to the State Department of Natural

The listening session was part of a three-session series in the Ninth
Senate District including Manitowoc, Kiel and Sheboygan. State Reps. 
Terry Katsma, Tyler Vorpagel and Tittl accompanied LeMahieu at the
sessions in their district.

With the 2017 legislative session in full swing, Tittl said he will be
focusing on multiple issues, including mental health and transportation
issues. "I think that (road funding) is a big topic the state will have to
tackle in some way or another," Tittl said.  "Funding for our roads,
getting more money to our local government -- which I have been an
advocate now for four years to get more money to the local governments --
I think when you pass the money to the locals, they actually spend it the
wisest way rather than the State of Wisconsin."

People who were unable to attend the listening session can contact Tittl
at 608-266-0315 and LeMahieu at 608-226-2056.
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