Pubdate: Tue, 27 Dec 2016
Source: Sunday Punch (Philippines)
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Author: Leonardo Micua


Dagupan City's War On Drugs

THERE are still 26 barangays deemed drug-clear, and five more to be worked
on, the list has been changed and corrected by City Mayor Belen T.
Fernandez, as chair of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Coordinating Council

Mayor Belen Fernandez, as chair of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Coordinating
Council (CADACC) signed the certification affirming earlier declarations
by the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils that their respective villages
are now cleared of illegal drugs.

P/Supt. Neil Miro, acting-chief of police, confirmed the update.

Declared drug-free earlier were Mamalingling, Salisay, Tebeng, Pogo
Grande, Mangin, Salapingao, Barangay IV, Lomboy, Poblacion Oeste, Calmay,
Caranbglaan, Malued, Bacayao Sur, Bacayao Norte, Bacayao Sur, Lasip Chico,
Bonuan Binloc, Tambac and Lucao.

As of December 22, added were Barangay 1, Bonuan Gueset, Bonuan Boquig,
Tapuac and Herrero-Perez.

The remaining barangays that are still drug-affected are Pantal, Calmay,
Barangay 2 & 3, Pogo Chico and Pugaro.

Pogo Chico would have been included among the five barangays cleared but
the barangay resolution declaring the village drug free lacked the
signature of one barangay councilor.

Fernandez said with 83 percent of Dagupan's 31 barangays already
drug-free, the city surpassed the target of cleared barangays which is
supposed to be only 80 percent.

Miro admitted that of the five barangays newly cleared, it was Bonuan
Gueset headed by Barangay Captain Rico Mejia that the CADAC had difficulty
clearing because of its many sitios.

At the same time, he said, Bonuan Gueset had the most number of identified
drug pushers and users but all have already surrendered.

Miro said Barangay Calmay is not included because the identified
high-value target continues to evade arrest.

Meanwhile, the high-value target in Barangay Pugaro being sought is
reportedly connected with the Garcia Group although the suspect's brother
was already arrested earlier.

Barangay Captain Herminigildo Rosal of Barangay 1 said being in the center
of the city, Barangay 1, is the converging point of people including
non-residents engaged in drug trade. But despite this difficulty, the
barangay officials have arrested eight drug pushers.

Barangay 2 & 3 has not yet been cleared because of Miro's admission that
some suspected but unidentified persons still visit the barangay at night.

Barangay Pantal is listed as the most problematic area being most
populated village in the city and is also beside the river which makes it
as convenient for escaping drug pushers.

Miro said there are still 50 drug personalities in the five villages being
sought by the police.

Mayor Fernandez and Miro said that clearing operations are still going on
and will not rest till the whole of Dagupan is declared as drug-free.
(Leonardo Micua)
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