Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jan 2017
Source: Regina Leader-Post (CN SN)
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Author: Thia James
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Company's goal is to promote pot as alternative to pharmaceuticals

The company behind the roadside billboards popping up in Saskatoon and
Regina featuring a stylized marijuana leaf logo wants to normalize
cannabis use.

One such billboard, located at Idylwyld Drive North and 44th Street in
Saskatoon, is meant to drive people to Erbachay's website, where owner of
the Vancouver-based Erbachay Health Centre Darcy Delainey said they'll
learn more about cannabis.

"This is something we wanted to have a conversation with people (about) so
they can start learning what cannabis is and not just what they've been
told all these years," he said.

Customers looking to become Erbachay members are required to fill out an
online form, and provide a copy of their drivers' licence and proof of a
current prescription, such as photos of labels, doctors' notes or
prescription pill bottles.

Delainey said that, if someone has a medical condition they want to use
cannabis to treat, Erbachay will provide access to it.

On Erbachay's end, staff verifies the customers' medical condition, but
doesn't scrutinize the medical information provided by customers to
determine whether cannabis is appropriate for their condition.

"If the person has a medical condition, and they would like to use
cannabis for that, then that's what we're saying, by all means. We're not

"We're just saying as long as you have something, (that's) good enough for
us," Delainey said.

According to Health Canada, Erbachay isn't listed as one of the 38
licensed producers of medicinal marijuana in Canada. A spokesperson for
Health Canada said on Wednesday that the only way to get marijuana legally
is through one of these licensed producers and it would require a
prescription specifically for medicinal marijuana.

Delainey admitted they're not a licensed producer, but said Erbachay does
have "very stringent" in-house testing of its products.

RCMP spokesperson Paul Dederick said the police service hasn't received
complaints about Erbachay's billboards and isn't in a position to
speculate about potential legal implications.

Delainey said his company's is aiming to remove the stigma surrounding
cannabis use.

"What we're trying to do is, let's put it on a billboard and say it exists
.. it's that you see it and it becomes normal."
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