Pubdate: Mon, 16 Jan 2017
Source: Daily Mail (UK)
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Duterte tells civilians 'don't get yourselves kidnapped' as he orders
troops to BOMB hostage-takers and threatens to declare martial law as part
of Philippines' drug war

* President Rodrigo Duterte say kidnap victims may become 'collateral damage'

* Abu Sayyaf, which is linked to al-Qaeda, earns millions kidnapping for

* Duterte also threatened to bring in martial law in his campaign against

* His government also acted at the weekend to ban Filipinos watching Pornhub

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the military to 'blast' Islamist
militants who have been on a kidnap-for-ransom spree in the Philippines,
even if hostages would also be killed.

He said: 'They say "What about the hostage?" Sorry, collateral damage.
Then if they are blasted everyday, that (kidnappings) would stop...So
better not get yourselves kidnapped.'

The Abu Sayyaf, a loose network of Muslim militants formed in the 1990s
with seed money from al-Qaeda, preys on the waters of the southern
Philippines and has earned millions of dollars from

It beheaded two Canadian hostages last year after demands for millions of
dollars were not met.

Rodrigo Duterte won elections in May 2016 on a pledge to wipe out illegal
drugs, promising to stop Philippines becoming a 'narco state'

Duterte has also threatened to impose martial rule on the Philippines in
an attempt to win his brutal war on drug dealers.

Duterte bans Filipinos from watching porn

Filipinos consume a lot of least they did until it was blocked
by government

The Philippines government has blocked Internet users from accessing the
world's most popular porn websites.

Ten days ago a survey showed Filipinos had spent the longest time watching
porn for the third straight year.

But on Saturday access to Pornhub, Xvideos and several other sites was
forbidden on PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Users were redirected to a
page notifying them of such a ban.

The notice said: 'This website has been ordered blocked under authority of
the Philippine government pursuant to Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child
Pornography Law.'

The Pornhub survey found Filipinos spent an average of 12 minutes and 45
seconds on the adult website, almost two minutes longer than the next most
avid viewers, South Africans

The 71-year-old said of the country's drugs problem: 'If I wanted to, and
it deteriorates into something really very virulent, I will declare
martial law if I wanted to. No one will be able to stop me.'

Duterte won elections in May last year on a pledge to wipe out illegal
drugs, promising an unprecedented crackdown to stop the Philippines from
becoming a 'narco-state'.

The crackdown has left at least 5,700 people dead in just over six months,
raising concerns of a breakdown in the rule of law with security forces
and vigilantes carrying out extrajudicial killings. There are even fears
innocent people have been killed by their enemies, masked by the violence
of the drugs war.

Manila's longtime ally, the United States, has led international criticism
of the killings, with outgoing President Barack Obama urging Duterte to
prosecute his war 'the right way'.

But Duterte, a former state prosecutor and Mayor of Davao, said the aim of
his campaign was 'to preserve the Filipino people and the youth of this

He has reacted furiously to the criticism and vowed to continue his war
until illegal drugs are eradicated.

Duterte has raised the prospect of imposing martial law previously.

But his comments at the weekend were the most direct threat.

Martial rule would allow Duterte to use the military to enforce civilian
law and detain people at length without charging them.

The Philippines last endured martial law during the 20-year rule of
dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who was accused of plundering billions of
dollars from state coffers and overseeing widespread human rights abuses.

The anti-drugs crackdown has left at least 5,700 people dead in just over
six months, with vigilantes suspected of joining in the killing of drug

Marcos declared martial law in 1972, invoking the threats of crime and a
communist insurgency, and only lifted it in 1981.

He was finally ousted in 1986, when millions took to the streets in a
'People Power' revolt.

A new constitution drawn up in 1987 in an effort to avoid another
dictatorship specified no president could rule more than a single six-year

It also said the president could impose martial rule for a maximum of 60
days and only to stop an invasion or a rebellion.

Parliament can revoke the measure within 48 hours while the Supreme Court
can review its legality.

But Duterte, speaking to local businessmen in his home town of Davao in
the south of the Philippines, warned he could ignore the 60-day limit.

He said: 'The 60-day limit will be gone. And I'd tell you now, if I have
to declare martial law, I will declare it - not about invasion,
insurrection, not about danger. I will declare martial law to preserve my
nation -- period.'

The Philippines is a devoutly Roman Catholic country but, from their
porn-viewing habits, it appears they have plenty to confess
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